LED Lit Spiral Stairs In-Line Handrail with Glass Infills LED lit handrail

Efficient-Tec International LLC offers a complete handrail solution for your code compliant projects.ETI’s S3 (stainless steel systems) handrail solutions can meet any requirement, either from our standard line of products or with modification from the in house engineering and fabricating staff.

• Design and Engineering services
• Complete in-house fabrication
• Curved and spiral handrails
• Illuminated and non-illuminated systems
• Stainless steel / aluminum / copper / brass
• Shipped complete
• Interior / exterior systems
• Made in the USA


Recessed RGB Wallwashers IP66 Step & Aisle Lighting LED Wall Washer

Efficient-Tec International LLC is one of the pioneers in the U.S. market for LED Lighting technology. Our products fit 90% of retrofit applications in the marketplace, we also offer design assistance with a full time CAD engineering, design, manufacturing and assembly capabilities on-site.

• LED specification-grade parts and components
• Project layout and design assistance
• LED controls, drivers and power supplies to spec
• High-power LEDs. All LED colors & RGB available
• Custom control options available
• Step & aisle lighting for auditoriums and theatres
• Interior / exterior custom-built LED fixtures


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